Bryan Hayworth

Following a recent fall, Bryan Hayworth sustained significant injuries. Those injuries included a traumatic subdural hematoma, a traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, and acute respiratory failure with hypoxia. Admitted to the hospital, Bryan underwent treatment for his injuries, including a craniotomy to treat the brain bleeds and placement on a ventilator due to his respiratory failure. Later, Bryan received a tracheostomy and had a PEG tube placed for nutrition.

Bryan’s significant injuries required a high level of medical care and an extended hospitalization. A critical care hospital, like Kentfield Hospital, offered just what Bryan needed. Additionally, Kentfield offers two specialized programs that would greatly benefit Bryan: the Journey to Neuro Recovery and Free to Breathe programs.

Once stable, Bryan transferred to Kentfield Hospital to participate in these programs and work toward regaining his independence.

The Journey to Neuro Recovery program is part of Kentfield Hospital’s neuro treatment program, designed to help patients through the critical transition from a traditional hospital’s neurointensive care unit to a specialty hospital.

Similarly, the Free to Breathe program takes a neurodiagnostic approach to ventilator weaning. This program fully evaluates the pulmonary, neurological, and muscular mechanics of respiration to give patients an improved chance of successfully weaning off the ventilator and breathing independently.

During his stay at Kentfield Hospital, Bryan made substantial progress in his recovery. He weaned from the ventilator and was decannulated from the tracheostomy. Bryan discharged to a congregate living facility, where he’ll continue to build up his strength and stamina.